Call for Papers: The Water, Megacities and Global Change Conference 2020 in France

"Unesco conference"

UNESCO, ARCEAU-IdF, SIAAP and the Greater Paris Metropolis invite you to submit abstracts (10-15 lines) which highlight the current challenges related to water, megacities, climate change, and global changes.The Water, Megacities and Global Change conference will illustrate how the research community and the operational world benefit through collaboration. In addition to experts and scientists, it will include civil society representatives and elected officials to highlight the importance of sound policy-making.

Youth will be given a voice to share their perspective on all topics covered by the conference, and artists will be invited to illustrate the symbolic and aesthetic dimensions of water management issues in megacities and their impact on global change.

The Programme Committee will select best quality papers for publication in high-level scientific journals.

The registration of the authors to the conference is a prerequisite for their paper to be accepted.

For more details click on the official link below:

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